Kolor.Club Launches

Kolor.Club is finally launched.

It is the community of people using the popular and discontinued software by Kolor. Join the community to share your knowledge, help others and even get helped. It is voluntary our effort for better growth of our business and expertise that have been affected by closure of Kolor.

Kolor.Club has three main sections: Knowledge Base, Forums and News.

Knowledge Base are articles written to explain the tried and tested solution to different problems. These are acquired from various websites, forums, blogs, social media pages/groups and other places on the internet. Some articles may be formed from the discussion in our forums.

Forums is the place where anyone can discuss the related issues in their respective forums/categories where the community will help answer them as soon as possible.

News section is where we will be sharing related news and events along with those related to our industry as a whole.

Archives is the area where members can access the old documentation, forums and downloads that was available from the Kolor website (kolor.com). Currently it is being worked on and shall be launched soon.

Finally we wish all the success to all the community using the wonderful software by Kolor which have been left alone, but as a community we shall keep on supporting each other’s interests and businesses.

We would highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions in this voluntary project. Please use the “Feedback & Suggestions” forum to share your ideas and report anything about Kolor.Club 🙂

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