Panotour 2.5 – Video transitions between Panoramas

1 SETTING UP TOUR (DEMO) Just do this tutorial when you finish the tour or testing. A Add your panos, hotspot links and 360 Videos or Flat Videos filesB On video properties– Uncheck “Loop When reaching at end”– Choose your output projection, if flat video choose planar 2 STORYBOARD. GET YOUR PANORAMA´S […]

How to add a Google Font in Panotour Pro

TOUR TAB 1 Add a Hotspot 2 Add a Hotspot Description a Copy Paste the text you want without style with a Notepad like app. b Title select “Aqueduct of Segovia” add “Courier New” Font style and “Huge” for font size c Subtitle “From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” add “Courier New” Font style and […]

Panotour 2.x Hotspot with Customized Tooltip

Display Parameters of the hotspot: copy/paste the following HTML Code : Customized distance between the hotspot and the tooltip find @ ****_core.xml In this tutorial Panotour Pro 2.3 was used . View Demo: Source

Different Audio Files in Multi-Language Tours

Question I started project for local municipality and created virtual tour. We also recorded voice audio for separate panoramas or groups in two languages – Latvian and English. I made also in two languages (tooltips) which works fine, but my problem is how to add separate audio files for english […]

Kolor.Club Launches

Kolor.Club is finally launched. It is the community of people using the popular and discontinued software by Kolor. Join the community to share your knowledge, help others and even get helped. It is voluntary our effort for better growth of our business and expertise that have been affected by closure of […]

Panotour/krpano Touch Functionality Issue

Actual reason: In the next krpano release this change will be included/respected. Current version of krpano is 1.19-pr16 (build 2018-04-04). A workaround for the moment is possible – add these lines in the html file just before the embedpano() call: Sources:

Equirectangular/Cube Panorama Sizes

The krpano tools are using this formula for their conversion withour any loss of pixel data: CubeWidth = Math.round ( SphereWidth / PI ) Where, CubeWidth = width of the resulting 6 cube faces in pixels Math.round = rounds the value to the rearest whole number or integer SphereWidth = […]